News Item #1 is our new website. Our old website was a bit like the story of the barefoot shoemaker's children. We were busy, so getting it done got pushed back - until now.


PL Communications

The services of PL Communications range from branding to market research.  While our main focus is insurance, we have also worked with dozens of small and medium size businesses as clients.  As a result, we not only understand the insurance industry but also the client base you want to reach.

We provide marketing communications services including websites, content development and SEO, branding, advertising, public relations, sales literature, direct mail and email marketing, trade show displays and special events, video and presentations, and marketing research.

We work closely with you to determine what strategy will work best to help you reach the audience you want. The end result is the most effective marketing communications for your product or service.

"Good Works"

Our principal Paul Lavenhar has a band called "GoodWorks" whose goal as a band is to do “good works.” We can work with your nonprofit or charitable organization to produce a special event to help you raise money and awareness.

In addition to providing music for your event, we also will write and distribute press releases, create posters and flyers, help you with social media, and we may be able to help you with finding a venue.

As part of our effort, we seek sponsors who underwrite our out-of-pocket costs and contribute to your cause. In return, sponsors receive the visibility and good will they want to achieve. Check out our website.


Insurance Entrepreneurs

“Entrepreneur” and “insurance” were usually not thought of in the same sentence. But, that is changing as the insurance industry fights back against “commodization.” I am in the process writing of writing a book about insurance entrepreneurs – what makes each one unique and what threads tie them all together. I will be conducting a series of interviews with these innovators and will report what I find. Updates and observations will be posted on FaceBook and LinkedIn.